Friday, April 21, 2017


Hey guys, the band is going pretty well. We recently decided on a band name: Nodus Tollens. Nodus Tollens is the realization that the plot of your life doesn't make sense to you anymore. We picked it because it is nice and edgy and will appeal to an audience that are about our age because I am sure that a lot of p my peers feel that way from time to time. We have written some pretty basic songs but they sound good, and that's what music is supposed to do. I think there are definitely things that we can change, like we can plan more practices and write/learn more songs that we all like. We haven't received much feedback, but after seeing the blog prompt, I think that we should seek feedback next time we get together. Overall it's been a very fun experience for everyone involved. It is always fun to jam with other musicians because everyone gets to have a good time and express themselves through their musical instruments.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Mentor Interview

Hey guys, today I will be interviewing  Logan McMaster as my mentor. Logan plays multiple instruments including the guitar, the bass, and the trumpet. He's a pretty cool guy who is always ready to answer questions, which makes makes him a pretty good pick for a Mentor.

Q1: How old are you, Logan?
A1: I am almost 31.

Q1: Do you enjoy playing music?
A1: Yes, I do very much. It is one of my hobbies and I have invested time and money into the subject. Music is one of my passions because of how versatile and artistic it can be. Music can make people want to dance, but it can also make people feel, which is a very interesting quality.

Q1:  So Logan, how long have you been playing music?
A1: I started playing guitar when I was a freshman in high school, and then I started getting into different instruments throughout high school and picked them up. I guess that means I have been playing for about 17 years.

Q1: How hard do you think it will be to start a band?
A1: I think it will be pretty difficult. There are multiple things that could be troublesome, but I think that it should be very fun. A problem that could come up is performing music that is enjoyable for us and our listeners, since everyone has different taste. Another problem could be coming up with all the required band members. Several more would be having problems writing music, coming up with places to perform and, getting together to practice.

Q1: Wow man, don't you think your answer to the last question was kind of a bummer on my blog project?
A1: You're right Tyler, we can probably do it we just need to keep a good attitude.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Project Proposal

For my 20% project my goal is to start a band. I decided for this to be my goal because i really enjoy making music, and my community doesn't tend to make new music often. My 3 benchmarks include meeting with my friends who are musicians in a group, deciding on a song we can all play together, and finally, when we learn how to play together well, writing an original song together. I am thinking of asking my youth leader Logan to be my mentor because he is a musician. Obstacles that I expect to face during this project are scheduling issues and trouble writing music. I intend to overcome these obstacles by locking down specific dates for when we can practice and by having us all practice our instruments a lot.